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Hey! are you searching for cheap flights for a family trip? Here you have some tips for making your vacations full of fun and unforgettable, if you are planning for vacation this is very important for you to choose a destination where you and your family, friends, colleagues can enjoy the destination.Let me tell you if you are planning for India for vacation trips so many destinations like Jammu, Delhi, Varanasi, Mumbai etc. have in India with natural beauty, I will update 1 by 1 all famous destinations with their location images to make your decision in right direction.Lets talk about on Jammu and Kashmir it is the perfect destination for vacation for anybody for making their vacation trip successful/unforgettable. If we are talking about India trip this is the perfect destination for any age group.Jammu CityJammu is the beautiful city of temples, blessed by nature’s scenic beauty it is situated at the backdrop of the snow-capped Pir Panjal Mountains. This region of Jammu forms the southernmost unit of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Apart form the temples & beautiful scenic spots, this state holds the glorious history of the valiant kings, superb gardens, the greenery of the forests, majestic mountains and is richly endowed with valuable monuments. A beautiful & enchanting river called Tawi flows through the city.Jammu is actually a combination of two towns, and is especially known for its temples and shrines. People come from all over the country and abroad to pay their respects to the various Gods that are worshipped here. There are also numerous places of worship for Christians, Muslims and Sikhs that stand testament to communal harmony that prevails in the city.Along the banks of the river Tawi is the majestic Bahu fort. This fort once guarded the city from foreign invasions. But the lush terraced gardens, waterfalls and flowers of all kinds have made it a symbol of peace and grandeur. Over weekends, this is a popular picnic spot.All in all, Jammu makes for an unforgettable holiday.Population: About 2.5 lakhClimate: Summers here are quite hot, with temperatures soaring to 45 degrees. Winters are cold, with the temperature dipping as low as 4 degrees. Jammu experiences moderate rainfall, sometimes even in the winter months.Main Language(s): Urdu, Hindi and English Time Zone: GMT + 05:30Best Time To Visit: Between September and April.